I've known my whole life that I am not only here to play music --- I am here to be a channel and living manifestation of embodied love, expression and benefit; I know that so are you.

 It's a moment to moment inquiry, revelation and choice.  

I've been fortunate to receive the guidance and wisdom of many masters and I'm ready to take my last 10 years of training and application into the World and share with you.  We have an opportunity to live as love in the most grounded and comprehensive of ways.  I call this work "Alchemy", because through meeting what is with love, we can transmute pain into compassion, fear into potential and this very moment into the realization of our freedom.

~ Collective Explorations in Presence, Embodiment & Transformation ~

Workshops are spontaneous journeys of discovery, risk-taking and creative empowerment.  Some of the practices we explore are authentic movement, communicating from presence, cathartic unwinding, breath work, mantra chanting and vocal play.  As a facilitator, I am committed to creating a container that is safe for exploring the unknown, where all expressions are welcome and what is true is celebrated.  I am devoted to following what is most alive in each moment in service to the unfolding of insight.  

~ Private Sessions ~

For those of you that wish to go deeper, I am honored to share this sacred, transformational space with you.  I will meet you where you are at with tenderness and bring everything that I have to the table to support your empowerment and freedom.  Thank you for trusting me.  

  •  Opening and Empowering Your Voice ~
  •  Healing Trauma ~
  •  Aligning With & Creating From Your Essence ~
  • Welcoming the Spontaneous You ~
  • Inner Sourcing Your Safety ~
  • Loving All That You Are ~

:: Sliding scale of $70 - $100 an hour for Private Skype Sessions ::

My Background & Trainings:

  •  2 year Leadership & Transformation Mastery Program with Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks.
  •  Certified "Big Leap Coach" by The Hendricks Institute.
  •  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Facilitator Trainings with Jennifer Partridge and Mark England.
  •  Beloved Personal Mentors: Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks
  •  400 hour Chakra Yoga Teacher Training with David & Marina Goulet.
  •  250 hour Agama Yoga Training - Tantra and Hatha Yoga.
  •  600 hours accumulated Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats with Sahajananda.
  •  Adyashanti - various silent meditation retreats.
  •  Kiran Trace - embodiment, alchemy and healing, private sessions and retreats.
  •  Deepak Chopra - various retreats. 
  •  Vipassana with Kun Tanat at Wat Chom Tong.
  •  Byron Katie - The Work.
  •  5 Rhythms - retreats and classes.
  •  Osho Meditations in Pune, India.
  •  200 hour Indian Classical Music Intensive with Sangeeta Ratanakar in Rishikesh, India.